About Us

A subsidiary of Tajalli’s Home Appliances, tajallis.com.pk emerged in the Pakistan online and electronics industry in March 2015 and has made a mark in the industry ever since, providing a wide range of household appliances at your doorstep.

Home Appliance purchasing was never this simple

All the products displayed at tajallis.com.pk are under company warranty and are checked before being delivered. Videos and pictures are taken and sent to clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the QC standards being applied by the business. One of the business’ boasts are related to customer retention and quality customer care which has allowed the business to expand on its wide customer base. This is among the fundamental values of tajalli.com.pk because of the belief that the business exists because of satisfied customers, lose out on them, you lost out on business. Should there be any issue arising in the product, the company takes full responsibility and ensures that the issue is resolved with minimum hassle. The business is developed to ensure maximum services to the customers at market competitive prices.

Pros of purchasing from tajallis.com.pk

The prices mentioned are inclusive of delivery and installation of the product. At tajallis.com.pk, we take complete responsibility for all the products dispatched from our stores and guarantee quality after sales service for the entire range, let it be Stabilizers, Deep Freezers, Washing Machine, Juicers, Blenders, Vacuum Cleaners, Refrigerators, Fans, Air Conditioners, Sofas, Bedroom Sets, Mattresses, Accessories, Geysers, Cooking Ranges, or even Refrigerator stands. All the electronic, gas, and furniture products featured on the website are top of the line and among the most successful in Pakistan when it comes to quality and originality. 

Exciting discounts for retainees

The products displayed on the website are supplied by known and trusted brands such as Haier, PEL, Master Celeste, Master MoltyFoam, Dawlance, Changhong Ruba, Orient, Samsung, Enviro, Panatron, Singer, Parwaz and Zebo as the Tajalli’s Home Appliances is a direct distributor, rates are bound to be competitive. The basic behind this business is to shun the negative vibe that is prevailing in Pakistan when it comes to purchasing online and actually bringing trust to the vast masses that are so scared of getting looted online and this approach has worked significantly over the short period of time

Motorcycles and Generators have not been yet added to the website as the business itself is new in the products and would take some time to generate enough confidence to put it up online because at Tajalli’s, we love your house as much as you and would always look to make it better and hassle-free.

Only reliable products are displayed, we check each product and satisfy ourselves of its performance before delivering it to you.

Tajallis.com.pk provides free delivery and installation for all products purchased online, this offer however is only valid till March 2018 as part of our founder customer discount policy. So, the next time you need something for your house, open our website, go through it and let us know what you like, we’ll make sure to not disappoint, instead we’ll ensure you’re impressed.